If you’re a part of our Linked-in group Give Back and Connect, then you’ve seen us posting about how September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. One of our organization’s most recent partners is an advocate for families who have children that are undergoing cancer diagnosis and treatment. 


More than 17,000 children are diagnosed with cancer in the United States each year. Those statistics mean that a number of families will hear the heartbreaking words- “your child has cancer”. One of our recent partners, Sarah Bankuti, is making waves in the community with her efforts to give back to families whose children are suffering from cancer. 


Sarah has published not one, but two books in her series Princess Lily Earns Her Beads. This wonderful series follows a young girl through her cancer diagnosis and treatment in a way that is easy to understand while also keeping the integrity of the situation. Her incredible story has made its way into the top 100 for children’s disease books on Amazon’s bestseller list.


You can be an advocate for the families that are dealing with a cancer diagnosis by purchasing a book from Sarah Bankuti on Amazon. A second way to show your support is by donating a book to a family facing childhood cancer. In conjunction with her book series, Sarah has donated numerous happiness boxes to children that are in the hospital receiving treatments. These boxes have sweet treats inside like a Princess Lily book, a knitted stuffed animal, and other prizes that encourage strength throughout treatment. Cancer is tough, but these children are stronger!


Stay up to date with everything Sarah Bankuti is accomplishing by joining the Give Back and Connect group on Linkedin. The group also gives you the opportunity to learn more about how you can support your local community through volunteer opportunities, fundraising, and helping to spread awareness. What are you doing to support your community? You don’t have to be a millionaire to give back to those in need.