Digital Fundraising Event Ideas


Donors are more likely to give when it is easy for them to do so, and that’s a fact! Not only do digital fundraising events make it easy for people to attend, but they can do so from hundreds of miles away! Rally the troops and start organizing your next digital fundraiser. Running the same old events year after year can get old, for you and for your donors, so hopefully these digital fundraising event ideas will shine a new light on your cause.


Easy Digital Fundraisers

  • Photo Contest: This event can be altered to work for photos of all kinds. Ask participants to submit a picture of their pet dressed up for Halloween and then raise money by charging a $1 per vote to determine the winning pet. Everyone loves pet pictures!


  • Virtual Silent Auction: This digital fundraising event is a good opportunity to connect with local businesses. Offer digital marketing/ recognition to the businesses that donate and have patrons bid on the various items. Galabid and Donor Box are two fundraising platforms that are used by the nonprofit community as a host platform for virtual silent auctions! You can easily upload product pictures, set minimum bid amounts, and share the products onto your social media pages. We highly recommend trying out one of those platforms for your next silent auction. Donor Box even has a step by step guide for activating your fundraiser.


  • No Shave November: You might have to get creative to turn this event idea to reflect your cause. It can be a great way to simply draw attention to what your charity stands for, especially if it relates to men’s health.


  • Gift Catalog: This is especially helpful for charities that offer products to the community like hygiene packs for the homeless or thanksgiving meals for families. List your ‘products’ in a virtual store menu and entice donors to purchase from your gift catalog.


  • Vacation Raffle: Sell tickets and offer the chance to win a 2 or 4 person dream destination vacation. 


  • Candle Fundraiser: This is a great idea for the winter months. Kringle candles offers a fundraiser for their high-quality 2 and 3-wick candles.


  • Community Recipe book: Ask the community to donate their best recipes and organize them all in a decorative book that you can put up copies for sale. Community recipe books are a big hit around the holidays for grandma’s secret cookie recipes. This is a great way to draw the attention of crowds of all age ranges. See if you can find a local print shop to use when you order the copies.


Virtual Fundraiser Success

Your event’s success rate depends on your ability to spread the word. Don’t forget to post on social media as far in advance as you can. Regularly remind your supporters that you have an upcoming event and you need their help. Be sure to encourage participants to use a particular hashtag when they participate in your event to continue to spread awareness. Has your charity held a virtual fundraising event that isn’t like those that are listed above? Please share your event ideas with us in the comments or make a post in the Give Back and Connect group on Linkedin.