Outdoor Fundraising Event Ideas


Are you looking to spark a new idea? If you live in an area where you’re able to hold outdoor fundraising events, you’re in luck. We’ve put together a master list of outdoor fundraising event ideas to help you rally donors and spread the word about your cause.

Creative Outdoor Fundraising Events

In this list you can explore creative approaches for fundraising events of all kinds. There are ideas for kids, events that require a bit of pre-planning, and competitions that require an appetite.


  • Golf Tournament: These are well-loved within the nonprofit community. Require an entry fee per golfer and consider offering a gift basket or cash prize to the winner.


  • City-wide scavenger hunt: Don’t forget to make a hashtag for your event to spread awareness and gather interest for the hunt. Have patrons post on their social media and tag your charity to share the event far and wide. 


  • Car Wash: Volunteer groups offer to wash cars in exchange for donations. You can often link up with local community buildings or auto parts stores to make this happen.


  • Yard Sale: Ask the community to bring their yard sale items to a central location and require a small donation for a space to sell their items. The more community members and local businesses / artisans you can get involved means the larger the crowd you will draw. Don’t forget to advertise any businesses that sign up so their frequent shoppers will stop by your event.


  • Movie night in the park: You can sell tickets to the movie or offer the movie for free and sell items like snacks or popcorn. Make sure you have volunteers on hand for a post-event clean up to keep the area you borrowed clean!


  • Relay Race: Relay races gather crowds of all ages. Consider offering t-shirts for a minimum donation amount. Announce winners for different age / difficulty levels.


  • Community yard clean up: Volunteer groups offer to rake leaves in exchange for a donation. Market your social media posts about this event to parents who are looking to get their kids involved in nonprofit work! Community yard clean ups are also attention grabbers for churches with active youth groups.


  • Concert / Music lessons: Do you have any volunteers that are willing to host a music class or a mini community concert? You might be able to find food trucks to waive their fee and join the event to draw a crowd.


Charity Events for Donor Retention

Be sure to save this list and take a look at our indoor fundraising events as well. Your charity needs to make use of an array of events in order to capture the attention of a wide range of donors. It takes all kinds of people to keep a nonprofit running! What event ideas are your favorites?