How To Encourage Giving


The end of the year is by far the most profitable for nonprofit organizations of all kinds. Statistics have shown that nearly one-third of ALL contributions take place at the end of the year between November and December. How can you encourage donations to be made to your organization throughout the year to lessen the load?


Be Upfront About Your Organization’s Needs

Donors need reminders. Not only do people need reminders, but they don’t know there is a need unless you tell them! Post frequently about the projects that your organization is invested in. Not only are you validating your nonprofit’s involvement in the community, but you’re also spreading the word about the quality of your organization. Social media is a highly regarded source of information in today’s world, so take advantage of multiple platforms. Facebook and Linkedin should be your nonprofit’s best friend!


Give Back and Connect

Be sure to add your nonprofit to the Give Back and Connect group on Linkedin. The group is well over seven thousand members strong and growing on a daily basis! Join the group and introduce yourself to get the ball rolling. Members are welcome to post in the group as often as they’d like as long as it pertains to the charity world. You can post about fundraisers, and upcoming events, and even shout out your volunteers!


Make it Easy to Give

People don’t want to have to track down ways to give. Make your website easy to navigate and be sure to offer multiple options for charitable donations. When you use a well-known service provider like Paypal for your transactions, people are more likely to make a donation online. Offer your donors the opportunity to give on a monthly basis rather than a single lump sum if possible. Small increments of donations can seem less overwhelming to people that like to budget their finances down to the penny. 


The average person wants to help your organization make a difference, but you have to make it easy for them to do so! Stay active on your social media so your interested donors see that you are going out and making a difference with the funds you have. Make it easy for people to donate and give them multiple opportunities to do so. You can even use your social media posts to link back to your donation portal!