It’s true, there is an art to being a good volunteer. Volunteering is an incredible way to get in touch with your community and make a positive difference. If you want to be a good volunteer there are a few things to know to set yourself apart.


Volunteering is Important

Volunteering helps to propel the mission that charities and nonprofits have. There are numerous reasons to volunteer including learning leadership skills, connecting with your community, and making a positive impact. With so many opportunities to volunteer, how can you set yourself apart and be a great volunteer?


Schedule Your Time Wisely

Commit yourself to your volunteer duties. There are many ways to lend a helping hand and find your niche within a charitable organization. Whenever you decide how you can best be of assistance it is important to show up for the role you’ve volunteered for. When you’re passionate about your organization, you’re likely to be more attentive, so find a nonprofit with a mission that speaks to you. The Give Back Brokerage has a number of incredible community partners across the country, and you are sure to find a way to get involved.


Being a Good Volunteer

If you’re involved with an organization that you think highly of, but you’re struggling with attending on time and regularly, it may be time to take a step back. It can be hard to balance work, family life, and volunteering. When you feel yourself being pulled in too many directions it is okay to inform your organization that you need time to refocus. Organizations would rather have volunteers that are well-rested and excited to serve than to have a volunteer that can’t put their best foot forward and stay for their allotted time. When you are spread too thin you’re unable to fulfill your responsibilities with the same joy and organizational skills that you usually bring to the table.


Good volunteers are consciously active in organizations that speak to their passions and interests. The best volunteers know how to schedule their time wisely in order to avoid the burnout that prevents them from volunteering at all. Volunteering is important for the community, but it is also important to show up as a good volunteer! How can you get involved with your community?