Get to Know I-R Community Partners

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the incredible nonprofits that the Give Back Brokerage has partnered up with. In this list you will find the I-R community partners. You guessed it, this is only a small portion of the group! Scroll to the end for links to the other two sections of alphabetically organized lists.


Junior League of Salt Lake City

Established in the Salt Lake community in 1931, Junior League of Salt Lake City began as Salt Lake Junior Aid. The League provides services around critical issues facing the environment, women and substance abuse, mentally ill adults, and health care issues.


La Leche League

The impact of the La Leche League has stretched beyond 89 countries. Their organization organizes advocacy, education, and training related to breastfeeding.


La Mission De Joie

This international nonprofit has a name that translates to Mission of Joy. La Mission De Joie helps students and single mothers in less affluent countries develop their self-confidence, communication skills, positive thinking, self-empowerment, and gratitude.


Make a Wish Utah

Make a Wish Utah is an impactful charity organization that is helping grant wishes for well-deserving, critically ill children in Utah. Their organization is a BBB Utah Accredited Charity Seal Holder.


Murray Children’s Pantry

Originally established as a food pantry for summer meals for youth, the Murray Children’s Pantry decided to stay open year-round with the onset of COVID-19. They now provide food for Murray citizens of all ages.


No End to Love

1 clean water project, 2 shelters built, 6 communities involved, 7 business initiatives, 8 garden towers installed, and the list goes on. No End to Love is supporting the needs of families in remote villages.


One Small Miracle

While many careers have established support systems for unexpected medical expenses, the service industry has long since gone without. One Small Miracle is supporting the incredible members of Utah’s food and beverage industry through unplanned and life-altering medical events. 


Rape Recovery Center

The Rape Recovery Center provides support of all types for victims of sexual assault. They have resources on their website for victims as well as informational pamphlets for prevention and supporting survivors.


Ruff Haven Crisis Sheltering

This organization provides temporary safe haven for companion animals in order to keep pets and their people together in times of crisis. The mission of the Ruff Haven Crisis Sheltering is to increase pet retention, and decrease the number of animals entering the shelter system.


More GBB Community Partners

These incredible organizations are only the tip of the ice berg on the list of Give Back Brokerage community partners. A-H Community Partners can be found on this page. S-Z Community Partners can be found here.