Tips for Donor Retention

If you want to have a successful nonprofit that is able to truly make an impact on the community then you have to hold onto your donors. We’ve gathered the best ways to show your appreciation for your donors and listed them here.


Donor Appreciation

While donations are important for nonprofits to fulfill their mission, donors come in many other forms. If you want to stay on top of your donor retention efforts then you need to recognize donors of all kinds. How can you show your appreciation for your donors? Start by thanking them. Sending personalized emails to donors and volunteers is a great way to genuinely show your appreciation for their helping hand. Creating an email list will allow you to regularly reach back out to your donors and volunteers to remind them of events and let them know about how you are making use of your funding. Your social media accounts can also serve as a two-for-one special for gaining and retaining donors. 


Social Media Appreciation

Nonprofits NEED to use their social media platforms. Not only does it allow organizations with limited budgets to reach a larger audience in a fast and cost-effective way, but it increases their validity in the public eye. Social media platforms allow organizations to tell their story and capture people’s hearts. The Give Back and Connect group on Linkedin regularly has nonprofits posting to thank businesses and individuals for their contributions and we LOVE to approve posts of that kind! 


Stand Apart From the Crowd

We agree with the statement that Neonone made, “Without solid funding for operational expenses, your nonprofit will struggle to stay afloat and will struggle to fulfill its mission.” There is not a nonprofit organization that is alone on its mission of community support- there are many organizations that have similar causes. You have to make your nonprofit desirable to donors. At the end of the day, donor recognition is vital if you want to retain your extra set of hands and your monetary income. Be intentional with your donor appreciation and you will see people returning to show your organization support. What is your nonprofit doing in order to retain your donors and show them how much you appreciate them?