If you’ve purchased a home in Utah and lived here any amount of time, then you are familiar with the absolutely stunning landscape. Utah is home to a number of charities that work effortless to protect and preserve the environment. Check them out below!

Friends of Great Salt Lake

The Friends of Great Salt Lake Charity is spreading public awareness for conservation efforts of the Great Salt Lake Ecosystem. They do so by offering a number of wonderful programs like one that is a 4th-grade field trip for local students. The charity has been focusing their conservation efforts on the Great Salt Lake since 1994.

Hawkwatch International

Founded in 1986, Hawkwatch International monitors and protects birds of prey. Not only do they work to protect the birds, but they also donate a substantial amount of money to scientific research and education programs. An impressive 83 percent of the charity’s finances go to supporting its cause. Hawkwatch International is located out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Learn more about the animals of the sky, and show your support for Hawkwatch International.

Mule Deer Foundation

In an effort to preserve the mule deer and black-tailed deer habitats, the Mule Deer Foundation was formed by Emmett Burroughs. They have grown significantly since 1988 and now have chapters in over 24 states! They are completely upfront in their conservation and education efforts, so all of their annual expense reports can be easily located on their website.

Round River Conservation Studies

If you’re looking for a charity in Utah that raises educational awareness for local and national wilderness, then check out Round River Conservation Studies. They believe that the conservation of wildlife and wildness requires the conscious effort of those who depend on the area. Since they began in 1991, they have created conservation plans that exceed over 100 million acres of land!

Utah Zoological Society

Utah’s Hogle Zoo is much more than a community event. The Hogle Zoo aims to nurture understanding and respect for the wildlife community through attention-grabbing education programs, jaw-dropping exhibits, and a commitment to excellence. They have implemented a number of practices around the zoo that are beneficial for the whole planet, like their recycling efforts and LEED buildings. LEED buildings are those that are eco-conscious and healthy for those that live and work within them. The Utah Zoological Society also works closely with another charity, the Utah Chapter Of The American Association Of Zoo Keepers (AAZK). Visit the zoo to support their efforts towards saving wildlife both within Utah and around the globe!

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If you don’t live in Utah yet, then the local charities that work so hard to preserve our gorgeous state might have reeled you in! Reach out today to view the available properties and make Utah your home.