Connecting with nonprofits never ceases to amaze us. We are overjoyed at the opportunity to make so many valuable connections that allow us to give back to our local Utah community. The K Real Estate Brokerage is proud to announce a number of new community partners within the great state of Utah!


The Sharing Place

The Sharing Place offers support to grieving children and their families. With increased safety precautions due to COVID-19, they had to switch their counseling model from in-person to online. This change unfortunately led to a greater need for their services, and they need our help now more than ever to continue funding their organization. Support groups are an integral part of healing, and we are overjoyed to help this wonderful charity fulfill their mission.


Autism Solutions Academy

A second wonderful charity in Utah that we partnered with is Autism Solutions Academy. They have three locations in Utah where they provide scientifically backed services for children with autism. Their personalized programs teach children social, behavioral, and academic principles in ways that motivate each child individually.


Envision Utah

As Utah continues to grow, Envision Utah keeps community leaders, business owners, citizens, and the government on the same page. They take a holistic, balanced approach to ensure all of Utah is on the same page about their impact on the future. Their nonprofit has created a beautiful bridge between what the citizens of Utah want to see happen, and how the government is implementing changes that include said ideas.

We are beyond thrilled to continue to expand our community network with these 3 Utah-based nonprofits! When you work with a K Real Estate Agent, you also have the opportunity to “Give Back.” Clients and agents can choose an organization to donate to, and the brokerage donates on their behalf. The donation never comes out of the client or agent’s pockets. Learn more about how that works on the Give Back Brokerage’s website.