Have you heard of Flourish Bakery? Located in historic downtown Midvale Utah, Flourish is not your average bakery. It’s a supportive community nonprofit that employs interns who learn the art and skills of professional baking during their recovery from addiction and rebuild their lives post-incarceration. The interns make a living wage, participate in wellness programs like weekly writing circles and workouts, and receive financial and mental health counseling. Simply put, Flourish provides people with a second chance at a new beginning. 

What Makes Flourish Unique? 

Flourish serves as the “middle space” where individuals are afforded the opportunity to rebuild their lives, careers, relationships, and their communities with courage and grace. Flourish impacts hundreds of individuals and families each year and embraces each individual as a person of worth, dignity and potential, regardless of gender, race, education, social class, past addiction, or type of conviction.

Statistics also support Flourish Bakery’s work. For the last three years, 100% of Flourish graduates completed the program without relapse or returning to jail. For context, the current rate of relapse and returning to jail (recidivism) rate in Utah is 76%.

How Can You Help Flourish? 

The heart of Flourish Bakery is our  kitchen, and through volunteering in the kitchen, you become a part of our unique community. You will join the staff and interns in creating a wonderful selection of pastries, pies, cookies, and breads while developing genuine relationships as you listen to intern stories and share in a mutual experience of personal transformation. To learn more about volunteering, visit https://www.flourishslc.org/volunteer or email volunteer@flourishslc.org 

We also have  relationships with corporate, individual, and community partners and strive to provide mutually beneficial opportunities for organizations who want to ensure more individuals in Utah have the opportunity to begin again. To learn more, or to become a financial supporter, please visit https://www.flourishslc.org/our-supporters

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