Is your giving spirit driving you to get more people involved in supporting the charities in your local community? Good! We love to hear that more people want to join the efforts of the Give Back Brokerage in highlighting wonderful nonprofits. 


Join us on Linked-In

There are a few ways to encourage your company to get more involved in charity work- start by inviting them to the Give Back and Connect Linked-in group. Add a few coworkers and the word will start to spread like a wildfire! We regularly share wonderful nonprofits that the Give Back Brokerage is partnered with. You can find up to date information on charity events and how to support different nonprofits. All of the charities that GBB partners with are top of the line nonprofits. We’re talking about charities that are highly accredited by the Better Business Bureau and truly do the right thing with their donations.


Encourage the office to fundraise

Your office can make an impact with a nonprofit regardless of how big your company is. If you have a small office you can increase your fundraising efforts by having a friendly competition with neighboring businesses or other branches. You will be amazed at how much your business can accomplish in as little as a month. Those warm feelings that you get from giving back will be felt all around the office, and your entire company will be more closely bonded through your fundraising efforts! Work together to vote on which nonprofit you will be making donations to first, and check out how you can make an impact with that charity. You can take a look at the charities that the Give Back Brokerage is partnered with here.


Company fundraising efforts

A few ideas for office friendly fundraisers are change collections, food drives, and volunteer hour tracking. If you are a business with a storefront you can encourage your customers to get involved as well. Make sure that you keep track of fundraising efforts by posting updates in an area that is regularly seen by the staff like a breakroom or meeting room. Not only will the updates serve as a reminder that your company is actively making fundraising efforts, but it just might spike a friendly competition.

How are you going to hold your company more accountable? Do you have a plan to send an email to your coworkers and encourage everyone to get involved with an awesome nonprofit in your area? Don’t forget to take pictures of your good work and share them in the Give Back and Connect Linked-in group!