Pandemic restrictions are beginning to be lifted, but we know the virus is still present. With over a year in this state of social distancing, we have learned how to make this situation a new normal life. One thing that people continue to struggle with is volunteering during a pandemic. How can it be done so that it is safe for all involved?

Volunteering Online

A great way to help make a difference during a pandemic is to volunteer online. We have a number of incredible charities in the state of Utah that are in need of monetary donations as well as supplies to keep up with their outreach efforts. You can easily locate a charity that matches your interests by looking through our previous posts! Volunteering online by donating supplies is a great way to safely stay involved while keeping up your social distancing efforts. Animal shelters are always in need of towels and blankets. Food banks are always welcoming donations of nonperishable items. Women’s shelters have an ever present need for sanitary items. You can also donate money to the charity of your choice, and allow them to purchase the products that they need the most. Volunteering online allows you to stay connected to the community in a safe manner.

Volunteering in the community

If you are a more hands-on person and you would like to be volunteering in the community and seeing the fruits of your labor directly, then you can still do so! Be sure to take the necessary precautions to slow the spread of the virus and stay in line with all of the guidelines. Wear a mask at all times, try to socially distance, and wash your hands often. If you’re wearing gloves, make sure to change them often and continue to wash your hands. Sometimes we forget how many things we touch while wearing gloves, and we make the mistake of touching our hands and phones which defeats the point of using the gloves to prevent the spread of germs!

Volunteering with kids

A great way to remind your family to support the community is to continue volunteering with your kids. Your entire family can get on board making masks to donate at a local shelter that can be washed and reused. The only access that community members staying in shelters have to preventative equipment like masks is through your volunteer efforts! You can go to the store together to pick out fabric, show your kids how to make washable masks at home, and take them as a family to a shelter in your area. Volunteering with kids is setting an example for how to be a supportive community member- even when times are tough.

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