Homelessness in Utah is on the rise as a result of COVID-19. Homelessness can happen to anyone. People don’t ever plan to be homeless. Medical conditions, financial difficulties, and lack of family make homelessness a steadily increasing concern. With more than 3,000 people who lack proper housing, The Inn Between is working hard to support the homeless community.

The INN Between

The Inn Between is a selfless organization that provides end of life care to the homeless community. People who lack housing and are in a medical crisis can seek shelter and medical care safely in their facility. They care for adults who need life-saving medical treatment, to recover from injuries, stabilize in preparation for surgery, or recover from an illness. The Inn Between is a safe place for people to receive care that they otherwise could not afford.

Volunteer to help the homeless

You can make a big difference in the homeless community by working with the Inn Between to create a safe environment for end of life care for those that need it. Donating your time would be just as beneficial to the organization as donating supplies or making a monetary donation. If you want to make a monetary donation or donate supplies you can easily do so on their website. You can be confident in the fact that your donation makes a difference for people that deserve it because 100% of your donation goes to client services. All of the administrative costs for The INN Between are covered by corporate and foundation grants.

Partnering with the Give Back Brokerage

The Give back Brokerage is happy to announce their partnership with the Inn Between. We will frequently be holding donation drives at our office. If you would like to stay up to date on when you can swing by and drop off items for the Inn Between, then join our group on Linked-In!