Utah is home to a number of incredible resources, and one of those happens to be food banks! These charities in Utah that fight hunger help support thousands of people every single day. If you’re looking for a way to get out and help your community, then go check out a food bank near you and volunteer!


Utah Food Bank

The Utah Food Bank is one of the largest distributors of food throughout the state. They have a number of programs that they run through their charity. They have a program that takes meals to seniors, a mobile food pantry, a charity for meals for children, and more. You can help the Utah Food Bank by donating food, your time, or money.


Utahns Against Hunger

Not only does this nonprofit work to provide people with food, but they fight against hunger on a governmental level! They work to change laws and advocate for people who are less fortunate, and go without food. Utahns Against Hunger is not a food pantry, but they help people to get the most out of the government assistance that they deserve.


Waste Less Solutions

Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, Waste Less Solutions is working to prevent food waste and provide for those in need. With the help of businesses in the area, Waste Less Solutions collects food that would otherwise be disposed of, and they make it into meals to feed the less fortunate. They are always in need of volunteers to help them continue the cycle. 


The Green Urban Lunch Box

Much more than a food pantry, The Green Urban Lunch Box is bringing the community together. They believe that community involvement and food sharing is incredibly important. They have partnered with a number of fruit tree owners to harvest fruit trees that can be shared with the community, and prevent waste. Volunteers are always needed to help harvest!


Bountiful Food Pantry

The Bountiful Food Pantry works within Davis County Utah to help those in need of food. They help individuals with groceries, housing and utility assistance, and things like enrollment in state benefits. The ultimate goal of the Bountiful Food Pantry is to help people become self-sufficient. You can help them by holding a food drive, volunteering, donating food, or donating money.


Community Action Services and Food Bank

With a similar mission to the Bountiful Food Pantry, volunteers at Community Action Services and Food Bank are working to help people out of poverty. They believe that people need their community to help them succeed. They offer education, financial assistance, and food to those in need. Volunteers and community donations make their services possible.


How can you help your community this week? Can you donate time, money, or food to charities in Utah that fight hunger? You can help your community flourish!