When I was 21 I bought my first house, I was still in college, single, and starting my career. When I married my husband, my house became our house. Six years and three kids later and we were finally able to build our own home and look forward to creating new memories in it. I have been involved in the buying/selling process in two completely different stages of my life and can relate to the excitement of our different clients. Although I am not an agent myself, I work with some amazing realtors. My job is to help them from behind the scenes so they can focus on our clients. I love organization and strive in keeping our agents happy. 

I am originally from Lima, Peru. When I was three years old my family moved and made Utah our new home. We had very little when we first started our new lives here but there have been many giving hands throughout our life who have helped us get to where we are today. That is why being part of a company who gives back has been a blessing in itself. Our different charities have different goals but what they all have in common is the willingness and eagerness to give back to our communities. Those are the same attributes that each of our agents have, which is why I feel so lucky to work with them!

My husband and I have three wonderful kids. In our spare time we love to be outdoors; camping, hiking, swimming, and going on long drives.